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Dog Tags Army

Dog tag – what is it?

Dog tags is a military system that identifies the soldiers, which usually occurs in the form of necklaces. The traditional set of dog tag consists of two ball chains (one short and one long – resolution optional) and two plaques from the embossed data. Currently, military dog tags are used also by ordinary people, so-called civilians also contain additional rubber protection and soundproofing (so-called silencers).

This system is used by the military over the world. Army dog tags were, are and will be a part of military life. The military is not the only place where people use dog tags – now more and more people wear it as a decoration and a quick way to transfer important information, especially in difficult situations, for example in the time of the accident. If the dog tag contains a phone number to a close person, the rescuer can quickly contact and tell what happened or find out whether a particular person is sick or allergic to some substances. It is also a great idea to emphasize individuality and personal style. They are just perfect for a gift for a loved person!


Dog tags military are used for example by:

  • motorcyclists
  • security guards
  • athletes
  • military fans
  • celebrities

Because of unlimited freedom and the possibility of placing personalized text on plaques, dog tags can also be used in any other way, either for personal or commercial use. We have on offer dog tags that occur in the following versions:

  • dog tag ID for people
  • pet ID (dog ID tag)
  • dog tag paracord bracelet
  • key chain
  • pedant for travel bag

Military Dog Tag

What text you can put/emboss on dog tags?

Actually every data, but the most popular and the most practical are fundamental information about yourself, for example:

  • name and surname
  • blood group
  • diseases
  • allergies
  • insurance number
  • telephone number ICE (In Case of Emergency – number to family/friend)

This information can be very useful in emergency situations, when the emergency counts every second.


Dog Tags with your own motto

Of course besides important information, you can also put you own motto or favorite quote on dog tag. If you order set of dog tag (2 plaques) you can have 2in1! This is a very cool way to express yourself, your style, life motto / slogan that will always be with you. It is also great idea for a gift or it can be also used commercial.


You can emboss also:

  • nick name
  • date of birth
  • confession
  • ID number
  • company name / event

Pet ID Tags

Pet Tag ID

A lot of people who loves their pets use dog tags also to care about their safety. On the plaque you can put the most important information, which can be useful or example, when your pet disappear. You have to remember that this is ICE – in case of emergency. You don’t know what can happen on the walk. Prevention is better!


What data You should put on pet tag?

  • ICE – your phone number or number of other family members
  • information about chip
  • adress
  • name

Some people resign from putting the name of a pet on plaques. Sometimes finders don’t want to give the pet back – it is rare, but unfortunately it happens.


Text on dog tags

You have to remember that we emboss plaques only on the one hand. You can emboss 75 characters in total, 15 character in each of 5 lines.


Character which You can emboss on dog tags:

– Letters: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T U W V Y Z

– Numbers: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

– Special characters: & ” , . – ` / ( ) @ * + ~ ! ? :


Best Dog Tags – why our offer is the best?

  • high-quality materials
  • embossing than engraving
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  • various options of products
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  • fast realization of your order

We invite you to take advantage of our assortment. We offer you our experience, professionalism, reliability, speed, competitive prices and original components! You’re priority for us – the most important is the high quality products and services.

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