Paracord bracelet with Dog Tag

Paracord bracelet with Dog Tag – unique personalized men’s bracelets

Paracord bracelet with Dog Tag
Do you like bracelets? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? We guarantee that none of your friends will have such a gadget – that paracord bracelets with dog tags. With great pleasure we present one of our flagship products – medical alert bracelet known as paracord bracelet. Ordinary medical id bracelets we add minted Dog, while creating a gorgeous and highly functional idea for jewelry that can save lives!





Why is it worth choosing paracord bracelets?

Paracord bracelet Dog TagParacord is very resistant stranded airline, which consists of up to seven cores. These links can withstand the weight of 250 kg. Therefore, these links are often used by your paratroopers. The same links we use to create bracelets. However, our bracelets are different from those you meet in regular stores – during the process of creating bracelets to dog tag we add plaque with embossed text – you will receive a personalized men’s bracelet with the most important information.



Paracord bracelet IDOrder medical alert bracelet with Dog Tags right now!

Only on this website you can order unique paracord bracelets with dog tags. We sell survival bracelet in different colors that are tailored to different circuits wrists. You only need to choose the colour, specify wrist circumference and enter what you want to be placed on the dog tag.



Exemplary data which you can emboss:

  • First name and last name
  • number ICE
  • blood type
  • ID (or SSN)
  • Information about allergies

With these information paracord bracelet becomes a medical bracelet that can save your life. Besides a very functional purpose, bracelets are also phenomenal and certainly works in a number of male and female styling.

Order paracord bracelet with Dog Tag now – we prepare your order within 2 working days!


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